Charter Bus Airport Transportation in Des Moines

 Airport Transportation in Des Moines

Des Moines Charter Bus is the premier transportation company in Des Moines, Iowa. We offer professional bus charter services including planning and transport logistics for all manner of services to various groups that include engaged couples, sports fans, church groups. business professionals, and schools and universities among others. We provide a free quote to everyone that needs to charter our buses for luxury transportation services in all Des Moines localities.

The biggest selling point of our service is the ultimate luxury at an affordable price that is tailored to meet the needs of your group. This is achieved through our well-maintained charter buses, top class professional services, and comfortable seats. We promise that the Des Moines Charter bus experience will blow away your employees, guests, and clients.

Who Needs Charter Bus Services

Business Professionals – We provide luxury and style in a charter bus so that your guests can go to their company outing, trade show, seminar, and corporate event in comfort and class. We have a long history of providing these services to all manner of large and small companies, and as such we know how important it is for your employees and conference attendees to travel together. You do not have to deal with missing luggage or lost attendees/employees as airport transportation including storage and tagging is organized and planned by our company. Moreover, business professionals get to enjoy utilities such as power outlets and WiFi on the road so that they can work on pressing deadlines, answer emails and even conduct meetings on the go.

Church Group – We provide the best in class church employee and church group transport charter services in Des Moines. When you need your church groups traveling, it is always a good experience when they travel together. Traveling by our charter buses is the most economical and luxurious ways for groups of people to travel. Contact us for free quotes when you have that week-long mission or just need to hop into the next town for a conference. We have a wide range of motor vehicles for both small and large group that are well maintained and come with competent, professional drivers. Let us do your transportation so that you can focus on friendship and community.

Sports Fans – You do not want to miss the game but we all know that game day can be hectic. Our company has worked with all manner of professionals in the sporting industry from athletes, staff members, and coaches from the professional leagues to the little leagues. We have been getting fans and players to their next tailgate and tournament for years and we have comfortable and affordable buses to ensure you do not miss the game. Our buses come with overhead bins and huge underneath storage bays so that you can carry all your luggage and sporting equipment. You can also discuss strategy on the onboard TVs before the game, and relax while watching the highlights of the game on the way back.

Wedding Transportation – Are you an engaged couple? I am sure you need all manner of transportation from bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, engagement parties and ultimately transport to the wedding itself. contact us for a free quote for all your transportation needs from airport charter buses and even sedans for all your guests. Our airport coach bus will pick up your out of town guest from the airport so that they can all arrive together with no one getting lost or having to take public transport. Have us be your personal no hassle airport shuttle so that you can have a stress free wedding knowing your guest are well taken care of.

If you need a company with a reputation for top-class services in Des Moine please call us for free quotes at 515-631-5039.